Spring Outfit Ideas

In need of spring outfit ideas? TART is ready to get you dressed in your springtime best. As the weather warms up, and you prepare to put away your winter wardrobe for another year, you should take the chance to refresh your go-to spring ensembles. There are several fashionable looks that are on-trend for spring, including repurposed cardigans and a profusion of splashy tie-dye patterns. No matter what your aesthetic, we’re confident that you’ll find enough spring outfit inspo to get you through the season.

Casual fog colored tie dyed dress

Fit to Be Tie-Dyed

If you want spring outfit ideas that are fun and refreshing, then tie-dyed is the way to go. Tie-dyed prints feature heavily in the spring, making it easier to bid farewell to the chilly temperatures of winter. Say hello to new beginnings, instead. Wear tie-dyed tops and shorts in subtle shades. Sleeveless shirts and tank tops decorated with gauzy streaks of color will look gorgeous with your favorite jeans, shorts, and skirts. Choose statement shoes with flower power or a stylish fashion scarf.

Orange You Glad It’s Spring?

You might think that orange is a color reserved for fall, but it’s a fresh, lovely hue for spring, as well. Stick to softer shades for your spring outfit ideas. Rather than burnt orange or pumpkin, opt for coral and peach shades. Apricot is a pretty pick for the season, too. Keep in mind that certain shades of orange pair beautifully with mint. You can put together a stunning springtime outfit by combining the two colors.

A woman in an orange t-shirt, white shorts, and sunglasses
A woman in a pastel, lavender dress

The Perfect Pastels

Speaking of apricot and coral, pastel shades promise to be all the rage in the upcoming season. Pick a pastel that compliments your coloring and complexion. There is an abundance of spring outfit inspo that lend themselves well to the inclusion of pastels, whether you prefer pale blue, green, pink, or yellow. In fact, take some of the other ideas presented here and incorporate pastels. For example, celebrate the springtime with a pastel floral print, a pastel cardigan, or a pastel skirt.

Just a Cardigan, Please

You probably have plenty of cardigans left over from winter, right? Take some spring outfit ideas from your winter wardrobe and convert your cardigans into stylish warm-weather pieces. Specifically, you can create outfits with button-down cardigans. Show off a bit of skin as the temperatures climb. Button your cardigans in the middle and leave the rest undone. Wear them with high-waisted jeans for a ‘90s-inspired outfit with a twist, or experiment with cardigan and skirt combinations.

A woman in a long, black cardigan

Long Tops with Jeans

Baby doll tops, flowing tank tops, and oversized blouses are airy, breezy, and comfortable to wear. Good thing, since they’ll look perfect with all your favorite jeans. Whether you’re sticking with skinny jeans, embracing mom jeans, or daring to wear flares, a long top in a lightweight fabric offers balance. It also gives you the opportunity to rock a bit of a ‘60s vibe.

A woman in a maxi dress on a boat

A Maxi Moment

Keep taking spring outfit inspo from bygone decades. Maxi dresses and skirts are springtime favorites, plus they easily carry over into summer and early fall. Who doesn’t appreciate a versatile piece? Pair your maxi dresses with cardigans and denim jackets. Maxi skirts work with sleeveless tops and casual T-shirts, knotted just as nonchalantly to bare your midriff.

Bringing Back the Casual Skirt

Frame your fresh spring outfit ideas around a piece of clothing that’s due for a comeback: the casual skirt. From tennis skirts to laid-back pencil skirts and – of course – maxi skirts, the casual skirt offers a way to dress up without really dressing up. This piece is ideal for workdays at the office, classes on campus, running errands, and low-key dates. With a T-shirt and pristine sneakers, you can debut an athluxe look that’s perfect for spring. Opt for a floral top and a denim jacket for a chic date night outfit.

Statement Sleeves

Belled sleeves, puffed sleeves, off-shoulder sleeves – if the sleeves make a statement, then the top is ideal for warmer weather. Use this as your chance to explore your personal style. Whenever you want to make a splash, step out in a blouse with statement sleeves. You can balance your ensemble with your favorite bottoms, such as a cute skirt or a timeless pair of jeans. The point is to have fun with this spring outfit inspo. Wear your sleeves puffed out there. Rock a poet’s shirt in a nod to early ‘90s fashion.

Turquoise top with statement sleeves

Find the pieces you need to fulfill your spring outfit ideas right here at TART. Let us know about the looks you put together for the season, too. What trends are you going to follow?

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