The Best Holiday Dresses That Will Make You Look Incredible this Season

Holiday season is rapidly approaching, which means the age-old tradition of scrambling around town from store to store in search of a last-minute holiday occasion dress. The holidays are all about traditions — keeping up with the old ones and establishing new ones — so why not instill a new tradition this year? Instead of settling with the “passable” dresses for the upcoming holiday event, let’s get the shopping done early so you have time to sift through your options and find the best holiday dresses that will make you look absolutely incredible.

In this post, we’ll take you through all the different events you might need a holiday dress for and a suggested fashionable ensemble for each occasion. Start the tradition of blowing everyone away at your holiday events with your trend-setting attire!


The Thanksgiving Dress

Mid-length autumnal colored dress with diamond pattern all over

The perfect Thanksgiving dress is the one that you will feel most comfortable in. Ideally, you’ll want a dress that’s flexible. Something that you can wear while cooking, eating, and lounging on the couch after dinner. You can wear a casual dress made with soft material that is fashionable enough to make astatement, but comfy enough to relax in after a huge Thanksgiving dinner. You can also keep it a little more casual with a long, flowing dress that’s still comfortable to wear throughout the day of cooking, socializing, and eating. Your Thanksgiving dress choice is completely up to you because you know what Thanksgiving entails for you and your family. Warm, autumnal colors are a must for this holiday. If your outfit is comfortable and encompasses harvest vibes, you’re dressed perfectly for the occasion.


The Holiday Party Dress

Blue subtle zebra patterned wrap dress

You look forward to the holiday party season — The holidays are filled with occasions that you love to dress up and dazzle for. It’s the one time a year when you have the opportunity to wear whatever extravagant dresses and gowns you set your eyes on — and finding the perfect holiday party dress can be a lot of fun, too!

You might want to step outside your traditional fashion comfort zone and wear a unique bold color or patterned dress. The best holiday party dresses don’t have to adhere to any specific rules. If a dress fits you well and has you feeling like a million bucks, it definitely fits the category and is ideal for the holiday occasion. Wear your holiday party dress with confidence and embody the festive spirit at the next event.


The Work Christmas Party Dress

Little black off the shoulder dress

Now, as far as holiday party dresses go, the Work Christmas Party Dress may traditionally be the most difficult to find — but it doesn't have to be. At a work party, blending in while looking fabulous is the best-case scenario, which brings us to the best type of dress to wear for such an occasion.

The easiest solution to stand out while simultaneously blending in — a manageable paradox, if you will — is to find the perfect little black dress. The options within the little black dress category are nearly endless, making them truly one of the best holiday dresses. You can find an LBD appropriate for wearing around colleagues while still being an absolute stunner.


The Holiday Cocktail Dress

Shimmery black/silver wrap dress

The time has come to find a holiday cocktail dress, and this is really where we want to have some fun with holiday-designated colors and patterns. Typically, dresses worn for a holiday cocktail party fall under the red, green, blue, and sparkle categories to really amp up the festivity of the occasion. While it’s fun to play into the holiday colors, the excitement of wearing a sparkly dress always wins!

When you wear a dazzling dress that sparkles and shines you feel beautiful and you look stunning. A shimmering dress is not only one of the best holiday dresses, but a versatile evening option that you can reach for long after the holiday season is done! If getting your money’s worth per wear of your outfits is important to you, a sparkling holiday cocktail dress is going to be your favorite new staple wardrobe piece!


The Classy Christmas Dress

Woman in Christmass party dress

Finding a classy Christmas dress means sticking to the Christmas color basics: reds, greens, and neutrals. You’ll want to keep things chic and simple and stray away from any eccentric patterns that may be better suited for cocktail attire.

Limiting your Christmas dress search down to specific color categories is the easiest way to hone in on a specific look you are aiming for — there are so many options to choose from and it can be overwhelming. You can look for garments with higher necklines and intricate detailing that have the essence of the holiday season. The best classy holiday dresses are made with intention and they are made to last far beyond this memorable holiday evening. Find a well-made dress with intricate detailing — it may be the perfect piece that adds that finishing touch of magic and Christmas spirit to the day.


The New Year’s Eve Dress

Mirror fabric wrap skirt dress
Ringing in the new year in style is a must. New Year’s Eve is a night full of promise and hope for what the new year may bring — this is the night you’ll want to dress your best and start the new year in the best of spirits. The sky’s the limit on this night of fun and celebration, and so are your dress options!

This is your opportunity to enjoy a fun and exciting evening and you’ll want to wear a dress that shines with possibility and promise for the year ahead. The best holiday dresses are those that reflect your sparkling personality, so do yourself a favor and start the hunt for a New Year’s Eve dress early this year with the help from TART Collections!

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We know that finding the perfect holiday dress for a special occasion can traditionally be a lot of pressure — but it doesn’t have to be! At TART Collections, we want you to find fashionable dresses for the holiday party season with a lot more ease and peace of mind.

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